Steps 1-4: Supplies. Styrofoam candy heard stickies, glass vase, wire, pink and purple wire beads.
Step 5: Bend the wire to the desired length. Cut the wire at the bend.
Step 6: Match up colors - Step 7: Peel off sticky
Step 8: Center wire on the sticky heart - Step 9: Line up other sticky to the back of the first sticky
Step 10: Put in vase to make sure that is the length you want

Step 11 & 12 - Put water beads in vase
Step 13: Finish all hearts - Step 14: Make the wires uneven to give it a good look
Step 15 = finished look

Step 1 -3 - Pick out colored papers
Step 4 - Fold paper and draw dotted line to make heart
Step 5 - Cut along the inside on the dotted lines
Step 6- Finished heart cut out.
Step 7 - place see through paper over heart
Step 8 and - put decorations on to make sure that's where you want them, cut out see through top
Step 10 - Place glue dot where the button will go (this will allow the see through to flip up)
Step 11 - Place button on over the glue dot
Step 12 - finished project

Step 1 - Candies (valentines dots, swedish fish, tropical lemon heads)
Step 2 - Place candies on stick and place in treat bag
Step 3 - twist bottom and tie ribbon on

other completed valentines

Some supplies used